At thе core оf а successful business іѕ а
clear plan, effective systems, efficient processes аnd,
а confident owner.

Would you like to achieve your goals,
make more money, feel more freedom – quickly and easily?’

‘Are any of these true for you?’

  • I’m stressed, trying to create a successful business.
  • Marketing my business feels uncomfortable and inauthentic.
  • I do not know how to best market my business.
  • I am unable to create a predictable sales system which works.
  • I’m suffering from procrastination and feel overwhelmed, and can’t shake it.

‘Now imagine things could be different! Imagine yourself saying…’

  • Marketing my business feels easy and authentic!
  • I now have a predictable sales system.
  • I’m totally comfortable quoting my new higher prices or fees.
  • My business is organised and running smoothly.
  • I now know what to do and have the motivation to do it.
  • I am now making more money with a lot less stress!

Question! "How do I know i can help you?"
Answer. "Because I’ve been where you are."

Business Experience:

  • I have built 5 separate seven figure National and International businesses of my own all in different industries!
  • I have travelled to Asia on many different occasions where I visited well over 100 manufacturing plants, making deals and then importing 40ft containers of products, successfully supplying these same products worldwide via website’s built and marketed by myself.
  • Took an idea from start-up with no sales and no brand recognition to a business with sales throughout Europe and North America of €34,000 per week inside 10 months.
  • Spent millions on marketing my own businesses including digital/online, national radio, newspaper and roadside billboards, working out 1st hand what does and what does not work.
  • At 18 years of age overseeing 32 staff in a car workshop where we used the latest cutting-edge innovations in the car bodywork industry.
  • Being asked by Google and then spending the day with them at their headquarters in Dublin so they could understand my strategy, a strategy which resulted in week on week sales of €70,000 for one of my businesses.
  • Opening a speech and language therapy clinic where we were able to employ a fully qualified speech and language therapist and offer free therapy to children who were experiencing difficulty in this area.
  • Being a certified trainer and partner with one of the world’s leading Digital Marketing companies.
  • Turning my hobby into one of the world’s largest residential dog training companies supplying trained dogs to Europe, North America and Asia employing 20+ staff.
  • Turning another hobby into Irelands largest importer and breeder of Discus (Tropical Fish) and freshwater Stingray from South America.
  • Building the largest fireplace business in Ireland by borrowing 3 fireplaces from a fireplace manufacturing company and taking these 3 fireplaces to various outdoor market’s where I took customer sales’ orders, to opening 2 of the largest fireplace showrooms in Ireland, travelling to and importing fireplaces from China and employing a team of 16 staff inside 18 months.
  • Being accepted onto and passing as a certified professional business coach by North Americas leading business coaching company.
"Henry has an incredible depth and breadth of business expertise, outstanding consulting and business coaching skills, and a passion for helping people achieve excellence in their businesses. Henry is laser-focused and strong, but has a disarming personality and a great sense of humor, too. I strongly recommend Henry to any business owner or executive who is committed to driving revenue, profits, and company value."
Jon Denney
President PBCA. New York
Henry is very experienced trainer, with an international reputation in his field. I had the pleasure of working with him when he decided to develop his business through franchising. I can recommend him as a very competent businessman.
Tony Fitzpatrick
Managing Partner. Dublin

Amazing Return On Investment!

Did you know that the average ROI for companies investing in coaching is 7 times their initial investment?

According to PWC, over 25% of those surveyed said their ROI was even greater, 10-50 times their investment.

‘Yes, I want to take the next steps to achieving my goals, making more money and feeling more freedom – quickly and easily!’

Business and executive coaching is a booming industry for one reason: It works!

Why business people hire coaches:
Business owners and executives hire business coaches to help them maximise their effectiveness and achieve better results in their businesses. It’s very common for business owners to get “stuck” in certain areas of their businesses. Typical problem areas include trying to grow sales, building leadership depth, handling personnel issues, expanding into new markets, building profitability, preparing a business for an exit, and countless other problems to solve or opportunities to realise! People realise that their best strategic planning can’t happen alone. Business people hire business coaches for one primary reason: Business coaching works.

What do business coaches do:
Business coaches work with business owners and executives who are looking to maximise their effectiveness. As business coaches we help our clients (1) achieve clarity on the most important things to be worked on, (2) develop the best overall plan to achieve those objectives, (3) agree and commit to achieve specific action steps with deadlines, and (4) provide accountability to those deadlines during coaching sessions.

The most effective business coaches use professional coaching fundamentals while leveraging their own business experiences and skills to help clients determine the best strategies, plans, and actions for their businesses and even in their own personal lives. By helping people work more strategically on their businesses, we help our clients earn significant returns on investment of time and money.

The benefits of hiring a business coach:
Business and executive coaches help business owners and executives in the areas of business effectiveness and personal effectiveness. Unlike traditional consulting, business coaches and executive coaches do not tell their clients what they should be doing. Instead, coaches partner with their clients to help that person achieve greater clarity of objectives, priorities, strategies, plans, and actions to provide the greatest level of business and personal success for the client. When our clients get distracted with professional or personal issues, we work to help them get through the rough spots, but then help them get back to their initiatives so they can reach their goals.

"Yes I would like to achieve my goals, make more money, feel more freedom – quickly and easily!"

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