World-Class Training Programs

Our World-Class Training Programs take place at the Business Growth Direct Training Center which is located in the Kells Enterprise and Technology Centre Kells, Co. Meath (50 minutes drive from Dublin Airport). During each of our courses, you will learn and practice the fundamentals of professional business coaching while also learning how to start and grow your own, independent business coaching practice or firm! 

Reasons Certification Matters

powerful coaching fundamentals

When you complete a professional business coach certification program, you’ll understand the powerful coaching fundamentals that are necessary to help your clients maximise their results. You’ll also understand the biggest mistakes that untrained business coaches make and why they make them.

Business coaching is an art

Business coaching is an art and a science. There are fundamentals and competencies that must be adhered to to provide high-level coaching to your clients.

certification provides credibility

Your certification provides credibility to your prospective clients, but even more importantly, it provides you the skills necessary to be an outstanding business coach.

Looking To Learn More About Becoming A Certified Business Coach?

Course Content.



  •  The “Deliverables” of Business Coaching
  • Arrows in the Quiver of Business Coaching
  • Business Coaching Fundamentals
  • Strategy Coaching Model to Earn New Clients (Selling Fundamentals)
  • Role Plays (As Coach, Client, and Observer)



  • DISC Behavioral Assessments
  • Service Offerings / Pricing Fundamentals
  • Group Coaching (Training and Practice)
  • Top Ten Mistakes Business Coaches Make
  • Onboarding a New Client
  • The Most Powerful Way to End a Presentation
  • Marketing Fundamentals



  • Scheduling Fundamentals
  • Creation of Personalised Action Plan
  • Buddy Coach Pairing
  • Mastery of the “Elevator Pitch”
  • Business Effectiveness Fundamentals
  • Strategic Planning
  • Exit / Succession Planning
  • Sales + Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Systems / Systems Implementation
  • Customer Service
  • Personal Effectiveness Fundamentals



  • Full-Course Review
  • Create Your Customised Service Price List
  • Full Role/Real Play
  • Positioning / Setting the Initial Appointment
  • Coaching Session
  • Onboarding the Client
  • Coaching Program Wrap-Up
  • Congratulations On Becoming A Certified Professional Business Coach.

As a Business Growth Direct Certified Business Coach you will also receive fortnightly “Jumpstart Calls”
These Calls will help you grow your practice and provide
continued development in your coaching skills!

Recent Courses

Become a Professional Business Coach!

a deposit of €500 is required when registering with the balance to be paid either before or on the day the course starts. Installments can also be paid before the course starts in order to spread the cost over a longer period.